My Journey

What compels anyone to achieve? I had no idea growing up.

I was born in a mid-size Polish town under a Communist regime.

A shy, Catholic girl, I did what I was told and had no expectations or dreams.

Dyslexic, I couldn’t read or write ‘til I was 9.

I knew nothing of travel, adventure, exploration. My global footprint was restricted to my own little world.

I was short-sighted, plump and flat-footed – exercise just wasn’t in my vocabulary.

My diet? Pork, potatoes and cabbage!

People ask me now, what was my career vision when I was young? There was no vision! My definition of success was being married with two kids! I didn’t have a clue about the market economy, passive income streams or the role I could play in the corporate world.

And charity? Nope. It didn’t mean anything.
As for mindfulness… get out of here!


Where am I now?

I’ve visited 76 countries and worked as a senior executive in 17.

I’ve earned a double MSc, MBA and PhD. I’ve written a best-selling book.

Published a top-rated book in 2 languages

I’ve climbed the highest mountain on every continent (including Mount Everest)+, and completed Marathon des Sables and long-distance cycling expeditions.

I eat a gluten-free, vegan diet.

I’ve built schools for more than 450 kids in Nepal.

I was on exec. boards and chaired a large charity in London.

I have a happy family life.

My work is my passion.

So what happened? Digging deep by taking myself into the unknown with openness and curiosity – time after time – created the space for me to transform my life.

I know what it takes to change and can guide you too.

Travel with me …


Walking the talk

Whatever your goal, the journey towards it is not always clear. Our past conditioning presents hurdles at every step and tries to predetermine our route.

I’ve been where you are. I was a senior executive for 20 years. I hit the glass ceiling. Burnt out. Had to make people redundant. I lacked the self-confidence to ask for a promotion or pay rise, or to quit the safety of a monthly salary and pursue my dream job.

My own multi-layered self-transformation taught me that we set most limitations ourselves. In a space of trust and confidence, my presence as a coach helps you clarify these insights so you too can shift whatever’s holding you back.


Are you ready?

Not everyone is ready to reach for personal and leadership mastery. Do you feel stuck and can accept powerful questions? Are you open for insights into the level of self-awareness and attitude evolution required to make a change? It’s not easy, but the reward is blissful.

You can only take others as far as you’ve travelled yourself. Book a chemistry session, and we will see what emerges.

Take the next step …