Leadership Mastery & Inspiration

Ania Lichota

Connect with yourself on a new level and transform your leadership style, people and results. Enrich and refine your mindset, reframe your fear. Create the space for life to happen.


Leadership Philosophy

Pause for a moment. Reflect. How can you achieve more with what you have? The power is within you to change. Allow insights to unfold and sharpen the lens for the path ahead.

It’s time to change the script …



Our coaching together is experiential, co-created and often challenging.
Within an atmosphere of trust and intimacy, you have the compelling sense of being heard, being known, feeling felt. Own your power. And join me on the journey to mastery.

Are you ready for the next step?



Step up into authentic and inspiring leadership. Pacify the imposter, discover the leader within, communicate with impact, command the room, be purposeful and get the best out of your team.


Inspirational Talks

Join me on an exhilarating leadership journey from Mount Everest to the Sahara Desert. Hear unforgettable stories that energise, inspire and catapult the audience into action.


Mature and galvanise your team around a common goal. Help them build the confidence to recognise self-imposed limits and invisible dynamics. Improve chemistry, engagement and business results.


Immersive Mindfulness

Stand fully in your presence. Become centred and balanced. Practical mindfulness provides a sense of calm that builds confidence, reduces stress and lets you take on the world.