Inspirational Talks


How do you avoid a leadership or career plateau? How do you rebuild and revive your team when engagement is at rock bottom? Or transform your leadership style to propel results? How do you keep driving forward through multiple set-backs with unimaginably difficult times to come? Female un-stoppable leaders?

Against a backdrop of extreme adventures, adversity and triumph, dare to question what you can really achieve. Ania delivers inspirational talks with impact and purpose. Talks that instil a passion for leadership mastery and catapult the audience into action.

Recent reviews have said:

‘Thoughtful. Powerful. Engaging.’
‘Made an impact on the audience who were totally inspired.’
‘Best leadership talk in a long time – she named it all for us.’

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Signature Talks

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Recent talks include:

‘Success and its many faces’
’Good girls go to heaven, bad girls anywhere they want’
‘Achieving the impossible with a smile’
‘Accelerating leadership and personal growth’
‘Unstoppable leadership’
‘You can take others only as far as you got yourself’
‘Unleashing the power of true collaboration’
’Women in business’
‘Becoming a corporate athlete - mindfulness and wellbeing in leadership’.


Evolving Leadership Mindset – Climbing the Mountain of Leadership

Takes the audience on a journey up a steep career path explaining how mindset, attitude, empathy and beliefs need to evolve as you progress through the ranks – from individual contributor to technical expert, team leader and CEO.

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The talk presents the audience with the conscious work required to become an authentic leader, including powerful insights into the level of self-awareness and attitude evolution that let us travel effortlessly through a career.

Leaves participants with a sense of wonder and deep self-reflection.


Leadership Mastery – You Can Only take Others As Far As You’ve Gone Yourself!

Explores the building blocks of how to achieve leadership mastery and shifts the concept of leadership to a new level.

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Mature leadership is:

1. Knowing your limits and being open to help = Humbleness
2. Projecting personal coherence = Presence
3. Conscious effort in self-development = Mastery
4. Being so strong, you can be weak = Vulnerability
5. Taking yourself out of the way = Egolessness
6. Feeling for the future = The Future Quotient

The talk gives the audience an insight into what’s missing for them and ignites a desire for personal growth.


Unstoppable Female Leadership – Being A Woman In High Places

Feminine power can move mountains. It’s only when women acknowledge their strength, take ownership of it, understand it and act on it that their surrounding environment starts to align to their vision – personally and professionally. This talk incites the audience to evaluate the depth of responsibility they take for themselves and assess their intentions which underpin how we project ourselves into the world.

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It helps to differentiate ‘mothering’ vs. leading a team, being charming vs. being a business partner, pleasing others vs. maturing them, being a ‘good girl’ vs. getting what you want. It holds a mirror to the question of limited progress and losing female talent that we keep asking ourselves. It sparks off a journey of discovery the audience often doesn’t know exists.