Coaching state of being

Reflecting on how to cultivate a coaching state of being and touch, move and inspire people in every conversation. Key ingredients come to mind:

1. Self-transformation– being on a never ending journey oneself. Knowing first hand maturing rite of passage and its pains, relapses and rewards.

2. State of pure curiositywhere you don’t matter and can fully connect with, hold and contain whatever is true for the other and allow them to navigate their path. 

3. Listening– that’s not about active listening and showing understanding, re-phrasing. No. It’s about listening with and from your heart. Heart that is so deep and wide that it can encompass, hold, cause insights and help to name what truly is. Anything can land on such ground.

4. State of innocencethat allows to ask any question of anybody in any circumstance. It’s a state where you bring everything and anything into the conversation. Place where there are no assumptions, inhibitions and leading questions.

What serves with developing above qualities in my experience is:

- ever expanding openness for new and deep flexibility –a state of I don’t know – yielding to immense intelligence behind our lives.

- peer practice, where you can be vulnerable and develop with other practitioners

- and supervision, which helps with reflecting on challenging cases and ensures your constant growth. 

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