What keeps us from transforming

Most of us are brilliant at staying with our world views, opinions, behaviours, thought processes, convictions. We stick to those as if our survival depended on it … and in the past perhaps it did. To enable any movement from the past-created-selves and to open up for what we could become, certain elasticity, flexibility, opportunity is needed for the future to subtly energise the current state. Transformation starts when we exercise no judgment, no cynicism and no fear.

1.    Judgments - those usually go backwards into the old and kill the new capacity.

2.    Cynicism – the doubtfulness and suspicion keep us emotionally disconnected from what is and its truths

3.    Fear – restrains all movement 

To overcome transformational stackness watch out for:

  • adjectives (judgments) and instead describe facts and what is happening

  • give the benefit of the doubt, don’t shrug off the possibility

  • invite fear as part of the experience, to pacify name it as fully as possible at this time

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