Immersive Mindfulness


Mindfulness is about using attention for focus and concentration. It is slowing down to notice more. Seeing what is, hearing exactly what’s being said in the moment. No barriers. No filters.

Practising mindfulness has been a breakthrough on my journey, allowing me to manage my mental and physical energy. Learn how it can help you call on emotional resilience, courage and positivity – resources buried in your subconscious – which propel business success in your corporate ultra-marathon.


How It Works

Workshops, sessions and webinars are bespoke and co-created with sponsoring leaders to fit the audience’s needs.

I share the theory behind mindfulness and introduce practical exercises that you can embed into your routine straight away. Our brains have plasticity which allows them to be re-wired; we build on that. You can create new mental patterns that let go of the old and allow the new to come.

Stand fully in your presence, occupy your space and enjoy the clarity and effortlessness that mindfulness brings.